Crossbody bags are among the most practical of handbag choices.  They are comfortable to carry, distributing the weight of the bag on both sides of your body; they foil thieves intent on grabbing your bag; and they allow you to keep your hands free to push a stroller or carry shopping bags!  They are particularly useful when traveling.  As Jessica of states, “Crossbody bags are perfect for days spent wandering a city, when you only need to tote the essentials.  Your bag stays close to your side, you won’t end the day with an aching shoulder, and you’ll be able to use your camera and check a map all without having to set your bag down.  In addition to all the practical benefits, crossbody bags just look so chic and polished.”

Our EJ crossbody is roomy enough to hold your essentials.  It has a zipper compartment outside the bag that can hold a phone and passport, along with an interior zipper compartment for credit cards, etc.  It’s braided strap allows for crossbody carry, but also can be knotted to hang off the shoulder when you want a different look.  Our EJs are made in the USA with our buttery soft Italian leather, and they sport our signature hand braided strap.  Tres chic!  Take one along wherever your travels take you.