Our mom would totally approve of that caption. She was so excited to see Hanner Clarke launch and so proud of our handbags (justifiably, we might add!). Watching her daughters working together to design the perfect purse was one her greatest pleasures in her last year of life.
This Mother’s Day is bittersweet for us. It is our first without our mother.  We’re grateful for the many years we had with her, for her unconditional love and support, for her confidence in us and her belief that there was nothing we couldn’t achieve.  How lucky we were to have such a mother, whose love inspired us to be our best and whose example we try to follow as mothers ourselves.
So hug your mother today if you can, give her a call if you can, and if you can do neither of those things, take time to remember all she gave to you.
Wishing each of you a Happy Mother’s Day!