We spent Mother’s Day together in Baltimore, along with Rebecca’s daughter and Jane’s middle son.  We loved  our stay at Sagamore Pendry (Pendryhotels.com) and Mother’s Day brunch at Blue Moon Cafe (bluemoonbaltimore.com).  Most important, being together made this Mother’s Day, our first without our mom, so special as we shared memories of our mother and enjoyed our time with our children and with each other.  One of the things our mother wanted most in life was for her four children to always remain loving and close, and as we grow older, we find ourselves wanting the same for our own children.  We want, as mothers do, for our children to be happy, loving and caring people, and no matter how old they, or we, become, that won’t change.  What a gift it is to be a mother, and it is a role we cherish each and every day.