In Praise of Pastel Coats

We love pastels; as you can see, pastels are well represented in our handbag collection. But in addition to pastel handbags, we love pastel coats. Maybe it’s the contrast between the colder temperatures that demand heavier clothing and the softness of pastels that intrigues us, or maybe it’s just that pastel coats, like pastel handbags, are a bit unexpected.

Or maybe it’s the memory of that first pastel coat, a coat our mother didn’t buy. It was a pale blue cashmere coat with a dark mink collar. She looked so lovely in it, and we tried our best to convince her to buy it. But that coat decidedly was not in her budget, and she went home without it. She never did buy a pale blue coat. For years, we looked for one for her with no success.

woman looking up with pastel pink raincoat on and tan gloves with hand up holding hood

But eventually, she bought a pink one, and while it lacked mink trim and was a raincoat, not cashmere, she looked radiant in it. Our mom died recently, and we have so many memories of her. Her love of clothes and handbags figure prominently. She loved beautiful things and took great pride in looking her best. We admired that about her, and we try to carry her elegance and sense of style forward in our own lives and, through Hanner Clarke, into yours.

Life is short, and enjoying beauty in the world around you, and learning to find it in yourself, is a wonderful way to live.