(The Dee Tote in French Blue, photo courtesy of @justalpatri)

I’m (just barely) old enough to remember when flying was a rather formal affair.  One dressed up to ride on a plane.  I flew on an airplane for the first time at 15, traveling to Rome on a study abroad summer trip.  I needed a special dress for such a special occasion, and my mother and I shopped for weeks until we found the  perfect one.  It was blue, with embroidered characters on its sheer white sleeves.  All these years later, it remains at or near the top of my all time favorite dresses.  How I wish I had saved it!  But I have the memories of wearing it and of the pleasure Mom and I took in finding it.  


I was thinking this weekend about how much air travel has changed.  I was traveling home from Chicago, and everyone, including me, was dressed casually and for comfort.  That turned out to be a good thing when my flight was delayed for hours —first a mechanical issue, then heavy storms in Atlanta, and finally, the pilot timed out.  Ugh.  What struck me, though, was how calm everyone remained.  Admittedly, it was easy for me to be calm; I had no event I needed to get to and no one at home waiting up for me. But many of my fellow passengers missed their connecting flights and found themselves headed to nearby hotels for the evening rather than to their homes, vacations,  business meetings, etc.  And yet, no raised voices, no swearing, no tears, and no tantrums by anyone over 3.  I finally made it back to Atlanta around midnight, tired but grateful to be home.


I was also grateful I had brought along our Dee tote.  Frankly, I’ve never been much of a tote person, preferring slouchy shoulder bags (like the Evelyn).  But since we designed the Dee, I carry her whenever I  travel.  The bag’s drop allows plenty of room for easy arm movement, and the braided handles keep it firmly on my shoulder.  It holds my iPad, makeup bag, charger, snacks, gossip magazines—all the travel essentials!  And it’s soft leather allowed it to fit easily under the seat in front of me.  It also served as my briefcase during the business meeting that brought me to Chicago.  I carried the black Dee with embossed smoke snake, and it had a polished, professional look that complemented my work wardrobe, as well as a relaxed vibe when I switched to jeans and a pullover for the flight home.

I like the idea of a bag that can serve multiple purposes, particularly when traveling.  Space is always at a premium, and when you find a bag that can do double duty, it’s time to make it your new traveling companion.