Hanner Clarke Newsletter

Welcome to our Hanner Clarke newsletter. In this space, we will share with you our thoughts on fashion, style and even, from time to time, topical legal issues we think may be of particular interest to you. We will talk about the things that inspire us and the sensibilities that have evolved into the Hanner Clarke brand. With a nod to the folks at the FTC, please know that the designers, vendors and locations we mention or tag here, and in our other social media formats, have provided us no gifts or incentives of any kind. We are honest brokers of the places and things we use and love, and we hope you will find our thoughts interesting and useful in your own busy lives.

One of the best things about starting Hanner Clarke is the opportunity for the two of us to work together. Almost 10 years apart in age, we graduated from law school a decade apart, both from the University of Kentucky's College of Law. We each came to law school after short stints in other professions--Jane was an elementary school teacher, and Rebecca was a television news reporter. And after several years of law firm practice, we took our law degrees in different directions--Jane founded the immensely successful company Counsel on Call, and Rebecca became a law school professor and law school dean. Between the two of us, we have explored a wide range of professional avenues, not only in the law but in corporate America and in academia. Through it all, the opportunity to rely on each other for advice and support has been invaluable. And as we start this new venture together, we bring to it not only our experience but our shared sense of what is most important in life: family. So as we talk in the time ahead about fashion, style, law and what makes a great purse a great purse, we do so knowing how fortunate we are to have what matters most--the love and support of our families, including and, most especially, each other.