My husband dreaded shopping for me.  It wasn’t that he didn’t know what I liked.  But whether or not something would fit was always a question. And then there was the matter of price.  You see, I’m a really good shopper, and finding great pieces at a great price was (and is) a competitive sport for me.  “Why should I buy you something when you’ll be able to find something at least as nice or better for much less than I paid for it,” he’d ask.  And he was right.  I was a much better shopper than he would ever be.  But, as Jo March and I would grumble, “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,” so back to the stores he would  trudge.  

But then we stumbled upon Hermès .  Back then, our Atlanta Neiman Marcus had an in store  Hermès boutique, and while shopping together one day, I was drawn to a display of beautiful scarves.  From there we wandered to the Hermès boutique, then located adjacent to NM in Lenox Square.  And a love affair was born for both of us.  As you may know, my wardrobe consists essentially of neutrals (okay, it’s essentially black), and those colorful scarves were and are the perfect accessory for me.  So timeless, so classic and so exquisitely beautiful.  And for my husband, he had found the perfect gift—something I loved that was a splurge I was unlikely to buy for myself, that always fit, and that never went on sale.  

In addition to Christmas and birthdays, he began buying me an Hermès scarf as a souvenir of our travels.  Once, we were shopping at the Hermès boutique at Bergdorf’s, where Andie McDowell and one of her daughters were also making a selection. As best I recall, they bought a shawl, and I came away that day with my first Twilly.  Whether in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta or New York, we went scarf shopping.  And no trip to Paris would be complete without a trip to the Hermès flagship store to find the perfect piece of silk (or two)  to celebrate the trip.  So there we went, this time with our daughter in tow, who began building a collection of her own!  

By the way, I’m not particularly adept at the art of scarf tying, but I found a superb resource in Mai Tai, whose blog provides detailed instructions on how to tie and wear all shapes of Hermès scarves.  Check out her scarf tutorials at  They are amazing, and her sense of style is simply the best! Pinterest, too, has ideas for novel ways to wear scarves (Twilly bracelets, anyone?).

My husband is gone, but the scarves and the memories of our buying them remain.  When traveling, I add to my collection from time to time, knowing he is smiling as I do so.  

The scarves, as it turns out, are the perfect accessory for our Hanner Clarke bags, and you’ll rarely see me carrying an Evelyn that doesn’t have a Twilly attached.  The classic simplicity of our bags makes them ideally suited for a pop of silk.   Of course, any beautiful scarf will do; it need not be Hermès.  Try tying a scarf on your Evelyn or Dee, and see if you don’t love the look.  Email us your pics at!