Fashion experts agree:  Red is the new “it”color.

Red is popping up everywhere---on the runways, on the streets and even in the boardroom. The Cut declares red “the most important color in fashion right now….Part of red’s allure (and power) is that it’s largely about being seen.” As Vogue noted, “red dominated the fall/winter 2017 fashion shows, adding that “[y]ou cannot fail to notice a woman in red: it’s the color of magnificence, that seduces with all its sunset nuances.” In other words, if you want to make a statement, think red.

While some women may be bold enough to deck themselves in red from head to toe, we’re not advising that. A tailored red dress, though, is right for almost any workplace, and a splash of red---in a handbag, in a shoe, in a jacket or even in a scarf---livens up an outfit and gives notice that you aren’t hesitant to stand out in a crowd and have confidence in your fashion choices.

As Diane Vreeland famously remarked, “All my life I’ve pursued the perfect red.” The perfect red indeed is hard to come by, but we think we’ve found it in our “London Bus Red,” our new color making its debut this fall. It’s the shade of, well, a London Bus. It’s a sophisticated yet happy red. We think this color will be around for a while. All of our handbag styles---The Evelyn, The Dee, The Dee Lite, The EJ, The Theresa, and The Maren---are now available in red. They will make beautiful additions to your work wardrobe, your holiday gatherings and to any day you want a little brighter.