Back in the early 2000s, wristlets were everywhere.  And with good reason—small enough to go everywhere, wristlets hold your essentials and keep them close, while leaving both hands free.  But in the past decade or so, they slowly disappeared. Elana Fischman, in her post, “Whatever Happened to Wristlets?” at, laments the loss of this most versatile of bags, which took her from high school, through college and into adulthood. Trendy or no, she says, “I believe, now more than ever, that wristlets are brilliant by design.” 

So do we, Elana, and we’re pleased to have them as part of our product line.  We’ve even improved on what was already a pretty perfect design.  Our braided strap, which attaches to our Maren cosmetic to create the perfect wristlet, is beautiful enough to be worn alone as a bracelet.  You can attach your keys, making a night on the town or a day at the beach that much easier.  And the quality and beauty of our leather means this is a wristlet that can be part of your collection for years to come.  Try one and see.  You’ll be glad you did!