Hanner Clarke Introduces:

The New Classic Handbag: Spring/Summer Collection

We found the perfect handbag, but first we had to make it.
Modern women need a handbag that reflects their personal style philosophy: less is more. Hanner Clarke takes this minimalist approach of less complication, less fuss, and less branding in favor of higher quality craftsmanship. The result? Chic but effortless handbags as modern as they are timeless. Beautifully proportioned pieces designed to fit your life.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, and graduations right around the corner, this picture seems apropos.  Yes, the snake Jane is holding is fake, a gift big sis Rebecca brought back for her from Senior Trip, and yes, our Mom seems none too pleased it’s in the picture.  But what a nice memory it captures.

Today, we watch as our own children grow and progress.  There’s a college graduation for Jane’s oldest this month, and Rebecca has newly become a grandmother.  The hectic and exhausting days of raising little children are behind us, but we look back with a certain wistfulness on that time in life, as no doubt our mother did, rubber snakes and all.  We now watch as our children’s lives continue to unfold and give thanks each day for having these amazing children, and for having had an amazing mother, in our lives.  

Wishing each of you a happy Mother’s Day.                                                         


May 08, 2019 by Hanner Clarke

Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year is called Living Coral.  It’s more of an orange than a coral, but an orange that has a softness to it.  Pantone describes it as “an animated, life affirming shade of orange with golden undertones.”  It’s a happy color, one that Pantone says “symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.”  Months ago, when we selected our new spring/summer color— one we call HC Orange—we had no idea what the Color of the Year would be.  But we knew we loved this soft orange shade, one that can be worn with so many colors in our wardrobes.  And yes, it does spark joy, something we think is important when choosing a handbag.  Trust us—it will make you smile each time you carry it.

April 05, 2019 by Hanner Clarke

Handbraided Handles That Don’t Stretch

A potential customer contacted us asking whether our braided handles, a Hanner Clarke signature, stretch out over time.  It’s a great question and one that many of you may also have.  The answer is no. The braids maintain their length and shape.  They are tightly braided by hand, making them strong enough to carry a fully packed purse, while sitting securely and comfortably on your shoulder.  The secret lies in the pairing of a highly skilled artisan, who does the braiding, with exceptional leather of the finest quality.  We’ve carried our bags, filled to the brim, for several years, and we can assure you the handles are the same today as they were on day one. Try them out for yourself and see!  

April 01, 2019 by Hanner Clarke